Monday, October 1, 2012

Miuccia Prada:
There's a resistance to fashion, an idea that to love fashion is to be stupid

Miuccia Prada in Interview Magazine. Photo via Should be CHIC
“Why are people scandalized by spending money on clothes? I think there is something against fashion in the world. Everybody is so passionate about this, there’s a resistance to fashion, an idea that to love fashion is to be stupid. I think this is for two reasons. One is because clothes are very intimate. When you get dressed, you are making public your idea about yourself, and I think that embarrasses people. And two, I think that fashion is seen as women’s work,” she says. “My conclusion is that because fashion touches your intimate life, it embarrasses people.”

Yes on both accounts, no?
Read the full interview at New York Magazine


  1. I agree. One reason why I have a blog is because I can't talk to most of my friends about these things! They're either uninterested (which is fine) or they disdain it for reasons I find silly, but oh well.

    1. There are several very interesting, very smart fashion blogs: YOURS included. I am interested in fashion because of its incredible expressive power, out of respect for the craftsmanship that goes into it and last but not least, because I'm fascinated by how polarizing it is.

      Also, I think that the internet has produced so much fashion coverage that we are all so much better informed about it these days and as a result, journalists and professionals in the fashion industry are really working harder, and better to sustain our interest. It's really great!

      Do you work in fashion?d