Friday, October 26, 2012

More on Michael Cunningham's boots and clothing as an idiom

Carol Christian Poell boots. Image via StyleLikeU
Michael Cunningham's boots have been the topic of many conversations I had this week. Upon confessing I spent hours figuring out who actually makes them, Elliott told me that the boots are by Carol Christian Poell. Poell is an absolute ninja rock-star of the fashion world. He keeps a very low profile, does not show his work at fashion weeks, does not advertise or market his work the way traditional brands do. He works in Milan and most of the information that I was able to find about him came from art forums. My interest is peeked.

I am obsessed with his red boots above. So incredibly ugly. So beautifully arresting. Their very cosmopolitan (Korean-German lawyer living in NYC) owner says that often times when he wears them, people ask him if he made them himself. Oh, you have no clue! he responds.

In her book FASHIONStatements, Francesca Alfano Miglietti asks Poell if the body is meant to be beautified or to be clothed. Here's Poell's response:
To be beautified I wouldn't say, that serves no purpose. Even for me sometimes it is important to be aware of the uselessness of what I do. I begin with the presupposition that I must clothe, I clothe a person because in some way he needs to be covered (since the beginning). Clothing is a means of self-expression for people, it is an idiom; I give them some words! 
What a sober view of fashion and what a fascinating way of looking at one's craft. Michael Cunningham, I'm with you on this one. CCP is one to love.


  1. Those red boots pair are definitely eye candy. They look catchy and playful.

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  2. Well, I think my sister would love those boots because she's not really into something fancy. Like you said, it's not exactly beautiful but it's definitely striking. Maybe I'll give this to her as a gift.