Thursday, February 21, 2013

War and Peace on BBC: who's going to be in it?!

Photography: Rainer Hosch for Venice Magazine via Eddie Redmayne's Fan Site

Did you hear? War and Peace is being made into a six-part one-our series, written by Andrew Davies whose name I was not familiar with but apparently, he's a well-know period piece director. The project is still in early planning stages but people are already speculating about the cast (of course!).

Davis says that he would love to cast an unknown actress to play Natasha Rostova but more well-know male actors for the roles of Pierre Bezukhov and Andrei Bolkonsky. Eddie Redmay's name has come up.

When War and Peace was on TV back in the early 1970s, Pierre was played by none other but Sir Anthony Hopkins. Pretty wild, right?!

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  1. Hello, Petya. Andrew Davies is a former academic (Warwick University; English) turned adapter/scriptwriter of, mostly, classic novels (he's also responsible for one of the funniest telly series ever - trendy campus with surreal elements, if you can imagine that). However, he's also famous (?infamous) for 'sexing up' the material. So you are warned ...
    Am ancient enough to recall some of the early '70s adaptation with A Hopkins; still remember the fireside scene between Pierre and Platon Karatayev: incredibly moving.
    Hope you enjoy the latest version.