Sunday, August 24, 2014

On African Immigrants' response to Ferguson

Take a look at this interview with Ethiopian/Eritrean writer Hannah Giorgis on the events in Ferguson. Giorgis argues that African immigrants must stand in solidarity with African Americans and be "Ferguson strong."
"When immigrants come to the US for the first time, she argues, there's often a race to achieve the American dream, "You're sold a lot of images about prosperity and about becoming the right kind of American — and the right kind of American isn't black. ... So I've seen people shift away from wanting to identify with African-American people as both a survival tactic and as a way to assimilate into the 'perfect' American identity. [...But] Our international flavor of respectability politics will not save us from the sin of our skin."

She hopes the legacy of Ferguson will be one of empowerment, of "collective resistance, of talking back to the state." 

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