Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hello and good-bye.

Leanne Shapton. From her series A month of Monday shower songs for The New York Times

This blog and its previous reincarnations have been around since 2001. In many ways, it is the one constant in my life over so many years of tremendous change, both personal and professional. It was the one thing that I took for granted and always considered central to who I was. It started as a class project when I was in college, served as a public therapy session while I was in grad school, helped me get my first job in tech, documented the early years of my marriage and empowered me to share my growing love for books. The blog and its metamorphoses are also a first row account of the changing world of blogging and the web more broadly.

Because of all that, it has taken me a while to admit that I no longer enjoy being responsible for it. I love browsing through my archives but instead of feeling fired up to do more of it, seeing how much I used to love it just reminds me how much I don't care for it anymore. I kept telling myself that I should keep things open and wait for my love for it to return, I was sure it would. But it's been a while now and all I feel is this nagging sense of shirked responsibility and I honestly don't need any more reminders that I'm not doing enough.

So, today I write to say thank you for your love and attention over the years and to tell you that I won't be updating this site anymore. I am keeping the archives open because... why not... but if I do end up needing to do something online, it will be somewhere else. That only makes sense.

I leave you with a quote by Nicole Krauss, my favorite writer:

Why does one begin to write? Because she feels misunderstood, I guess. Because it never comes out clearly enough when she tries to speak. Because she wants to rephrase the world, to take it in and give it back again differently, so that everything is used and nothing is lost. Because it's something to do to pass the time until she is old enough to experience the things she writes about.



  1. I've enjoyed reading your posts! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your note, Jean. I have enjoyed our conversations over the years! Thank you, thank you! Hope all is well with you and the kids.