About Petya

Hey there! My name is Petya and I am originally from Botevgrad, Bulgaria. I came to the States when I was 18 and now live in Memphis with my husband Kyle. Our entire city smells like BBQ.


The Migrant Bookclub
started as a record of the joys {
and, sometimes, confusion} of bi-cultural marriage, pan-Slavic eccentricity, and the emotional struggles of being away from *home* and *family*.

Over the years, the place has evolved into a blog
about books, politics and immigration. Mostly books. The Eastern Europe of my childhood is a frequent point of departure as I explore issues of place, identity, memory and (un)-belonging. I am especially interested in how identities shift over the course of a lifetime and how that informs one's work and creative process.

As a voting member of the National Book Critics Circle, I welcome complimentary copies of books for review. I am especially interested in English translations of contemporary works of international literature and books that explore the immigrant experience. 

If you are an author, a publisher or publicist with a book that fits the scope of this blog, please email me at petya.grady {at} gmail {dot} com.

You can also get in touch with me via
Thanks for reading! I love that you are here and hope you come back!